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GOOD GRIEF!!! What a week it’s been! I started off the week work, work, working to make some sort of progress on the bathroom project (eh hem, and my bedroom floors) I’ve been working on for the One Room Challenge and then my family and I got sick midweek. Nothing kills one’s momentum quite like the stomach flu. Ugh. It actually only lasted a day, but it was BRUTAL. Anyway, I’m happy to report we’re all completely better now, so let’s get to it.

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I’ve devised somewhat of a new plan. I guess it’s not really a new plan, but a tweaked version of my old plan. First of all, I don’t think I’m going to do the void in the tile above the sink. Sure, it’s a cool idea and all, but you can’t really beat a nice floor to ceiling backsplash. I think I’m going to have enough going on in the room that’s of interest to where I won’t necessarily need that little detail. Plus, I’m afraid it won’t look quite right with the penny tiles I decided to go with. Yeah, it may have been possible to cut all of those teeny tiny little round tiles in half to get a nice clean line on both sides of the open space, but it probably would’ve been laborious and I don’t want it bad enough to bother with it. That means I’m either not using the blush paint or it’s going on the ceiling. I’m not quite sure which yet.

So what have I actually done? Well, quite a lot actually, even though it doesn’t really look like it. All of the fixtures and hardware have been taken down, bead blasted, and painted matte black. I still need to put a couple more coats and a few clear coats on all of it, but I’m getting there. Since I’d already cleaned the grout in the shower, I started painstakingly scraping all of the gray caulk out of the joints in the corners and up at the ceiling to make way for the white caulk and white grout paint. I’m about halfway done with it and hope to finish it up tonight. I’ve also patched, sanded, and painted the walls black with my Clare paint!

Schluter Edging | Image



Other than that, I decided to take the white penny tiles from the floor to the ceiling behind the sink with brass Schluter on either side and swap out the existing sink with a different one that will match the style of the room a little better. I found THE BEST handles for it! I’m getting a slightly different mirror than what I’d thought I’d use before too. I’m going to do a frameless round mirror and put this one from UOHome above it to add to the Deco flair I’m going for. I’m also pondering some basic wall moulding, but other than that, everything else will be the same!

In the next few days, I’m hoping to have the shower sitch finished up with all the fixtures put back in place so I can start stenciling the floor with the Starry Night Stencil I received from Royal Design Studio Stencils. Once that’s finished, my husband will put the new sink in and then it’ll be a matter of waiting on the brass edging for the backsplash so we can tile and finish things up. I’m also super excited that my Abigail pendant from Mitzi Lighting will come in the mail tomorrow! I’m hoping that I can get everything done by next weekend so I’ll have time to photograph it for the big reveal. Cross your fingers for me!

If you haven’t followed along up until this point and would like to get up to speed, check out my posts from Week One, Week Two, and Week Three. You can also check out the other ORC participants here.

Thank you to my sponsors, Mitzi Lighting, Clare, and Royal Design Studio Stencils. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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