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I had another somewhat uneventful week of procrastinating on my master bathroom project for the One Room Challenge. However, I did decide on exact colors and get the paint ordered; change my mind about the backsplash tile again; get the old backsplash completely removed; and clean the grout in the shower so it can be painted and sealed. I guess you could call that progress, but it doesn’t feel like much!

First things first, let’s talk about the paint. I’m definitely painting all the walls black, even the door and trim. I was approached by a rep from Clare, an online paint company, about using their paint. The cool thing about Clare is that it’s a no fuss approach to paint shopping. They have a smaller, well curated selection of paint colors to make the process less time consuming and confusing; a high-tech algorithm that helps you choose the best color for your space; and all the supplies you could ever need. I received several peel and stick samples of blacks and pinks within days of my request and knew immediately that I wanted to use Blackish on the walls and Wing It (a really pretty light blush) on the void in the backsplash above the sink. The best part is that I did it all from my computer! Have you ever been paint shopping with a two and four-year-old? Me neither. And I don’t plan to start now.

As far as the tile goes, I decided on white penny tile. I’m still trying to decide if I want to use black grout with it or white. If you read my Week Two post, you know that I’m painting the gray grout in the shower white. So now the question is, do I want the contrast of the black grout with the penny tiles in the shower inset or is it enough to let the penny tiles be the only contrast? Decisions, decisions … I also REALLY want to use brass Schluter edging along both sides of the backsplash, but we shall see because that stuff can be expensive!

Lastly, I cleaned the grout in the shower with a super acidic cleaner to take all the crud off and get it ready to be painted and sealed (I like to use this). It was kind of a process because you have to scrub the grout with the cleaner and then when you’re finished you have to clean the whole surface several times with a neutralizing cleaner. It did the job really well though, so it was totally worth it!

So what’s on the agenda this week? I’m going to remove the tile that’s currently in the inset in the shower as well as all of the caulk in the corners and up at the ceiling. I’m going to have my husband bead blast all of the chrome fixtures and hardware I plan to paint matte black. I plan to clean the grout on the floor so I can prime, paint, and seal it. I received my Starry Night Wall Stencil and 2” stencil brush from Royal Design Studio Stencils and I’m raring to go! I’m also assuming that my paint from Clare will come in the mail this week, so I’ll probably be painting the walls as well. And, of course, I’m going to have my husband take down the sconce light over the sink and move the wiring to make way for the Mitzi Abigail pendant I’m going to use. Other than that, I need to order the penny tiles and the mirror for above the sink so I’ll be set for Week Four. Basically, I have my work cut out for me from here on out! Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to ya next week!

If you haven’t followed along up until this point and would like to get up to speed, check out my posts from Week One and Week Two. You can also check out the other ORC participants here.

Thank you to my sponsors, Mitzi LightingClare, and Royal Design Studio Stencils. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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