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Fall is by far my favorite season: crisp air, trees ablaze, comfort food, cozy sweaters, pumpkin spice, candles lit, a clean house, and all sorts of hygge. There's something about the changing of seasons that gives me a major urge to deep clean and make our home cozy in preparation for the upcoming months that we'll be spending mostly indoors. Since hygge is about creating a comfortable atmosphere in a mindful way, I'm really picky about what I bring into our home and that includes the products I use to keep everything clean.

Infuse Microfiber Cloths: Bathroom, All Purpose, Glass + Window

Not only is it important to me to use nontoxic cleaning products for my kiddos, but it's also a major plus if I know that my choice of products help me to create less waste that'll end up in a landfill. Infuse by Casabella ticks both of these boxes and I'm so stoked to have discovered their cleaning system. Their refillable glass bottles are designed to deliver over 40,000 sprays and their cleaning concentrate allows us to add the water at home; thus, cutting the amount of fossil fuels used to ship cleaning liquids and saving us money. I'm also all for Infuse's reusable mop pads and microfiber cloths!

Infuse Spray Mop Kit: Multi-Surface, Hardwood

I'd been feeling exceedingly guilty about the wasteful disposables we throw away on a monthly basis. All of the paper towels, plastic bottles, plastic bags and excess packaging doesn't just disappear when the trash goes out - it's so important to be aware of that now more than ever. There's so much talk about "throwaway culture" these days and this is a major part of it. From fast fashion and disposable products to pollution and the destruction of the planet, we need to be mindful of the consequences of our decisions. It's my hope that making small changes now (i.e., using sustainable cleaning products like Infuse to keep our home clean) will lead to a big impact in the long run.

What does this have to do with getting ready for fall, you might ask? It's all about your mindset. For me, I like knowing that I'm not adding to an existing problem in trying to create a safe, comforting, and relaxing place for my family to hunker down once it starts to get cold. Ya feel me? Also, I don't know about you, but I don't exactly feel like cozying up when the house is dirty, so excuse me while I grab my Infuse caddy and get down to business.

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This post was sponsored by Infuse by Casabella. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own!


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