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I'm probably a day late and a dollar short on this one, but my 2020 Holiday Gift Guides are FINALLY ready to be shared! Derek was so kind to inform me yesterday that most of the things on my lists likely won't make it in time for Christmas at this point because of all the COVID-related shipping delays (boo COVID), yet here I am sharing them anyway and crossing my fingers that he's wrong. So without further ado, here ya go!

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I personally have the Essie nail polish. I shared the neutrals, but they have so many great colors - highly recommend! Also, the L'Occitane Cherry Blossom scent might be my fave of all time. No joke - I use the hand cream before bed just so I can smell it as I doze. It's heavenly! I also have the cloud cotton robe from Parachute (in pink tho) and it's been a daily wardrobe staple recently. It's hands down the coziest robe I've ever had and it makes me look halfway put together even when I still have my jays on at noon. Top it off with the slippers and you're good to go (nowhere)!

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I can't believe that Dickies are considered fashionable these days, but yep! They are! Roll 'em up a few times and you're sooo hip right now. No, really though ... Derek has always worn Dickies and they're definitely a solid choice for your lower half if you plan on going anywhere. If not, I actually have the Parachute waffle robe and I don't mind spending my whole day in it one bit. Other things on the list for dudes that Derek has: the soap (smells SO GOOD); the fly tin subscription (apparently fly fishing today is comparable to what riding a "fixie" was ten years ago); the Carhartt hat (seriously can't believe that Carhartt has become a thing when the good ol' boys in my neck of the woods have been wearing it since like 1997 - and even before that); the Redwings; and the Breville Bambino Espresso Machine (has ruined regular coffee for us forever).

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That brings us to the kiddos! Theo got the tool bench version of the tool kit for Christmas a few years ago and still loves it. Sadie has a KidKraft dollhouse for 12" (Barbie) dolls and its held up really well after a few years of play. It might not match your aesthetic, but it's actually super cute and well made - a solid choice to give any little doll-loving gal a huge thrill on Christmas morning. We also have several Cuddle + Kind dolls - they're handmade and for a great cause. Theo LOVES Dragons Love Tacos and wants to read it almost every night. Carter's is always a go-to for good kids PJs that don't fall apart or shrink after wearing and washing them a few times (I'm looking at you Cat & Jack). Minnetonka makes really quality slippers for kids and adults alike. I used to have some and I can attest to it! Annnd the other things on the list are handmade and highly rated from from small shops on Etsy that I'm sure my kids would love. Oh, except for the walker. It's from Amazon, but super cute and affordable.

Okay, there ya have it! December is flying by so fast, I hope I'm not too late in sharing these recommendations with y'all! I really appreciate you guys SO MUCH! Thanks for reading - now get shopping!

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Alana David
Dec 18, 2020

I have done my Christmas shopping. Now I'm looking for my kids and husband. Are these above-mentioned stores giving any Christmas deals and offers or discounts on christmas coupons. I want some gifts also for my family kids (siblings and relatives).

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