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That's right! britdotdesign is now NOUVEAU MONO HOME: your go-to for all things decor, DIY, and design.

Nouveau meaning modern and up-to-date. Mono meaning one or only. Think of it as britdotdesign improved. I’ve actually never felt particularly attached to the name “britdotdesign” and it’s just time for a change. In fact, I assumed I’d come up with something better when I was thinking about creating an Instagram account five years ago (the precursor to this blog), but it never happened before it was go time. I never dreamed it would turn into what it has. Many years later, here we are and I have a much better idea of who I am as a stylist / artist / DIYer / creative weirdo (I’m still unsure how to label myself) and Nouveau Mono Home just seems appropriate. Don't you think?!

Wondering what gives with the new Instagram account? Simply put, the algorithm is a bummer. My content isn’t being seen by anyone new on @britdotdesign. And it’s only being seen by a fraction of my friends and followers. So think of it as a fun (?) experiment. If it doesn't work out, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. I sure hope it does though!

I’m super excited to have a clean slate where I can simply focus on creating pretty things, photos, and videos without feeling like there’s a certain expectation as to what kind of content I’m going to make. Nouveau Mono Home will be very much “on brand” with what you’ve seen from me in the past, but with less major renovations.

I’ve done a lot of thinking since BOTH of my kids got on the school bus together for the very first time last week. It was definitely bittersweet. This is the first time in eight years where I’ve had so many whole entire days in a row to myself and the fact that it’s going to continue this way from now on is hard to wrap my mind around. It was very weird at first, but slowly I’ve come to realize that I kind of like it. For example, I’ve found that it actually is possible to have a clean house. I’ve also rediscovered the beauty that is doing a single task from start to finish.

More than anything though, I also realized that having a messy house - not just from the kids, but also from always doing major projects just for content - really effects my mental state. So I decided I’m not going to constantly do that kind of content anymore. Simple, easy, instant gratification kind of DIY projects, sure - I love doing those. Drywall work though? Nope. Putting up siding? Nah. I'm hoping this will not only free up time so I can focus more on the aesthetics of my home, but that it will also motivate me to create more content too!

I’ve woken up feeling really inspired recently with the prospect of doing something new and different and it feels so good! I’ve actually wanted to keep the house clean because it hasn’t seemed like such an impossible and, therefore, self-defeating task. I’ve actually wanted to style and restyle just about every surface in the house. And I’m excited to document the little things in my life that I love and find beautiful - the things that make me happy - and share them with you. Will you follow along?

Talk soon!



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