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Is it me or is December flying by this year? With Christmas being in just over a week, I put together some last minute gift ideas from Amazon Prime for everyone on your list. And no, this post isn’t sponsored. I just thought it might be nice to do something a little different than everyone else and save the day for all you last minute shoppers out there. 😜 So without further ado, here ya go!




So what do you think? I can vouch for almost everything I’ve included here except the boots and gold bracelet. Although, I will say that Thorogood has been around for a long time and all their boots are made in the good ol’ USA. The bracelet I know nothing about, but the brand seems to have good reviews and it’s not too pricey for a gold bracelet. I wouldn’t be mad to find it in my stocking on Christmas morning. 😉 Anyway, all the rest of the things my husband, kids, or I currently have or have had in the past and would recommend! Now get to it! If you order soon, your gifts should arrive in time!


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