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How’s everyone holding up out there? It’s been awhile! Sadly, life has changed so much for so many of us recently. I’m still having a hard time wrapping my mind around it. I haven’t had any motivation to write knowing so many people are sick and dying all over the world from COVID-19. I just have no words, ya know? I feel worried, distracted, and so sad over it. I haven’t been able to just carry on like everything is normal because there’s nothing normal about any of this! Personally, being inspired and having a creative outlet is more important than ever right now though. I’ve gotta channel all this nervous energy somewhere! So, if you’re like me and you’re in need of a welcome distraction for sanity’s sake, this one’s for you!

That being said, I always feel so inspired when spring rolls around. It’s always been such a time of planning and renewal for me. Although March 19th came and went without much fanfare, this year is no different around here. I’ve been doing a lot of mood boards, rearranging, and small projects. None of us should be out galavanting around town buying things to freshen up our homes for spring right now, but nothing’s stopping you from shopping online or even shopping your own home! A lot of the time, simply moving things from one room to another can make everything feel new again and can completely change the feel of your space.

If something new is in your budget though, check out these midcentury pieces I put together from AllModern. Gah, they look good together! I’ve been coveting a rust velvet sofa for quite some time now and I love the way this one looks with the brass coffee table I picked out. For less of a glam vibe, you could always replace it with a wood one in more of a classic MCM silhouette. However, I think this one’s shape and the fact that it’s all brass make it unexpected, giving the whole design more of a unique look.

table lamps
coffee tables
sofas + couches
area rugs
floor lamps
accent chairs
end + side tables

Anyway, let me know what you’re up to! Are you rearranging or getting anything new to refresh the inside of your home for spring right now? Or do you only focus on getting your patio and yard ready for summer this time of year? Do tell!


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