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Do you dread doing laundry? I sure did for years! In fact, I’d let it pile up for at least a week before I’d grudgingly head to the garage to wash load upon load over the course of a few days. However, after years of doing laundry in our dark and dirty garage, my husband and I recently created a laundry room that I can actually say I love! We did so by partially converting our garage to make the existing laundry space part of the house and boy, has it ever made a difference in my life as a busy mom!

The only downside to the new setup was our old machines. With the laundry room being open to the rest of the house, the noise level of the washer became a bigger deal than it ever was before when the laundry was part of the garage. Also, whereas I didn’t think a thing of it before, I found myself wanting sleeker, more modern-looking machines. So when I was contacted by Samsung about working together to promote their new appliances, I jumped at the chance!

These Samsung Front Loader Laundry Machines have been a total game changer. Not only is the washer MUCH quieter than our old one with it’s Vibration Reduction Technology; but also the touch keypad vs. the buttons on the old machine makes it much harder for my son to turn the washer on when I’m not around due to the fact that it requires that you press and hold to get it to start. YAS! Problem solved!

I also love the looks of the new Samsung machines! Although the measurements are comparatively similar to our old ones, they come across as having a smaller visual footprint. I can definitely get down with that! They’re super modern and as a stylist, I appreciate the way the doors on the washer and dryer somewhat mimic the looks of the handles on the sink cabinet. It’s like candy for my eyes. 😂 The faces of the machines are also much flatter and more streamlined than what we had before. With our laundry room essentially being a little alcove in a hallway, small details like that DO matter.

Anyway, I absolutely couldn’t be happier with how our new laundry sitch has turned out, especially with the new Samsung Front Loading Laundry Machines. We now have a pretty AND functional space where I’ve been able to easily and willingly take care of business on a daily basis.

A huge thanks to Samsung for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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