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Hellooo! Here we are with my very first Weekly Want List of 2022. I've decided to change the Wednesday Want List to the Weekly Want List because, let's be honest, I can't commit to getting it done on a certain day every week. This way I can publish it on Thursday if I need to and it won't be weird. Furthermore, I've decided to limit myself to five items per week that I'll also add to my "Wants" page so everything on the list will be in one spot for ya. I mean, who wants to sift through a bunch of blog posts (or at the rate I'm going, maybe just a couple, but still ... ) to find something you remember seeing a month ago? Not me! Okay, let's dive in!

I absolutely love the look of this vase! The shape is interesting enough on its own, but the contrast of the black and white stripes take it to another level!

I've had my eye on this wavy frame for quite some time and now it's on sale! Shall I go for it already? I think I probably should!

Remember when I ask if checkerboard would become the new painted arch over a year ago when I shared my checkered bedroom walls on Instagram for the first time? No? Well, I did and I believe it has. So much so, that I'm *almost* over it. Regardless, I kinda want this cutie patootie checkerboard bath mat anyway. What do YOU think about the checkerboard trend? Love it or over it?

Do I need this woven leather bag for spring? I love the color, texture, and the way the strap attaches. It comes in several different colors too - this one wouldn't match a single thing I own, but it's pretty darn snazzy nevertheless!

Ahhh, last but not least, this lamp that I've been coveting forever. Will I ever splurge and go for it? Only time will tell ...

And that's all for this week! Thanks for reading!


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