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Well, last week was a busy one! This one has been too, but not so much that I couldn't find the time to round up some good stuff for ya. From the look of things, I'm obviously rather focused on outdoor decor at the moment! Today I got the most realistic faux plants (ornamental grass, ferns, and hanging geraniums) for the big round planters on my front porch. Since they're in the shade, I had the hardest time finding anything that would thrive in them last summer, so I'm so happy to have found something that looks so nice and requires zero maintenance! Anyway, without further ado!

I really love the color of this outdoor pillow! It would be really pretty with these - or even paired with mint or a lighter neutral.

This hanging planter is so cute! I had some from Amazon last summer that were too shallow and everything I planted in them died. This one looks deep enough to give plants room to grow though and the synthetic rope won't mold or disintegrate. Fancy that!

I got summer on my mind! I'm so ready to get outside and get our outdoor spaces ready for it! One thing on my list is doormats for all of our exterior doors and this one isn't just super cute, it's also machine-washable! Dare I say with this I may never have to buy another doormat again?!

Another thing I could use is a side table for our front porch and I love the unique look and textured silhouette of this one. I could also use a few new outdoor lounge chairs to go with it, but that's a post for another day!

Yet another great outdoor planter! I love the color and design of this one. It would look great with the other things on this list too ... IJS ...

And that's it for now! Stay tuned because next week I'll be sharing some of the larger items I'd love to have to create that outdoor oasis I've been dreaming about all winter long. Thanks for reading!


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