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This has been a long time coming, but I'm finally ready to reveal how the new flooring I was gifted from Raintree Floors looks throughout our home! We are totally in love with the look and feel of it. I know I've said it before, but these waterproof wood floors are truly a game changer. I absolutely recommend Raintree, not only because of its high end look, but also because of its high performance - even in high traffic homes with pets and kids like ours!

We initially installed Raintree's Castle Creek waterproof hardwood in the den during the Spring One Room Challenge last year and then lived with it for a little over six months before beginning the install process in the rest of the house during the holidays. After living with it for that period of time, I was super excited to have it throughout our whole home and didn't hesitate to install it in the entryways and kitchen too!

Since our house is open concept, it made sense for the flooring to flow seamlessly from the dining area and kitchen on through the living area with its two exterior doors and on down the hallway to the bedrooms and bathroom. I was particularly thrilled to install the same flooring in all three bedrooms as the rest of the house. It was a major update and upgrade!

At this point we have Castle Creek from Raintree's Aspen Estate Collection installed everywhere we intend for it to be except for the bathroom, which is the first door on the left in the image above. I've wanted to remodel this bathroom for a few years now, but since the walls AND floor are covered in tile, it's going to be a big job. There are several more urgent projects in the queue at the moment, so the bathroom and its hardwood floor are going to have to wait a little longer. I'll definitely be sharing that project with you when we get to it though!

It's been quite the journey getting our Raintree waterproof hardwood flooring installed, especially since we did it all ourselves; but it was totally worth it to save the money on hiring it out and end up with far superior flooring to what we had previously once it was all said and done. Having real hardwood floors throughout our whole home not only gives it a much more updated feel, but also adds immensely to the overall character. I highly recommend!

Thanks so much for reading!


♡ Brit


DISCLOSURE: This post was sponsored by Raintree Floors, but all content and opinions are my own!


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