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Okay, it's finally starting to get real over here! Week Six of the Spring 2021 One Room Challenge is OVER and the drywall is done and painted, the terrazzo on the fireplace has been grouted, and the floor is almost finished too! Dare I say I'm about to start moving in the furniture and hanging art on the walls?! Does this mean we're actually getting close to the fun part? Someone pinch me because I was starting to think it would never happen in the never-ending cycle of mudding and sanding I've been trapped in for weeks!

Aside from working nonstop to get the ceiling and walls done so we could finally move on, this week has been mostly about the flooring. I'm SO EXCITED to have finally gotten to this point! I partnered with Raintree, who gifted me the waterproof hardwood flooring for the new space and I've been dying to see it installed. Sure, it looks pretty in pictures, but it's just stunning in person!

The main reason I decided to partner with Raintree is the fact that their flooring has the characteristics of authentic wood; yet it's waterproof and scratch resistant, making it the perfect choice for a household with two young kiddos, three cats, and a dog. It was also super easy and convenient to find the right one. Their website was a breeze to navigate and I was able to order free samples to ensure I got the perfect style for our home. Not only that, but Raintree provides installation and maintenance guides on their website, making it beyond easy for DIYers like us.

The style I chose is called Castle Creek and it's from Raintree's Aspen Estate collection. It's made from a 100% waterproof core topped with sliced European white oak. It was really fast and easy to install due to its locking tongue and groove system. It's also easy to clean - it can be swept, vacuumed, or wet mopped without worry because of the topcoat that protects it not only from moisture; but from scratching too! Such a major upgrade from the laminate floors we have throughout the rest of the house that I'm SO thrilled to be replacing with Castle Creek in the coming months after the ORC! I love the way it feels underfoot and also the fact that it's super quiet - that is, no annoying clicking or creaking sounds as I walk on it. Woo! Can you tell I'm a fan?!

Alright, that's it for this week! It's now past 3 am and I can't wait to wake up first thing tomorrow and start decorating this space! Okay, okay - maybe a little premature. We have to keep hitting it hard during Week Seven to make it to the finish line and there's still quite a lot left to do! Ceiling moulding, trimming out the windows, baseboards, furniture to build (don't worry - I got plans for you, boo), and a pretty lil surprise to finish out the sides of that beauty of a fireplace. You didn't think I was gonna leave it like THAT, did you?!

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Many thanks to Raintree for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks to the rest of my sponsors for this event as well:


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