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I’m a firm believer that a hallway doesn’t have to be just a boring passage, a narrow blank space for getting from one room to another. Honestly though, I hadn’t really thought of it otherwise until a little over a year ago when I came across the cutest vignette in a hallway nook I saw on Instagram and it totally inspired me. It made me think about the empty spot at the end of my own hallway and what I could put there. Luckily, my antique radio fit perfectly and once I had it in place, I was all set to snazz up the rest of the space.

Since then, I’ve changed up the artwork and decorative objects on top of the radio several times, as well as the runners I’ve used. I just couldn’t find a runner that was quite right. The first one was too short. The next one was too wide. As my tastes evolved and I came to the realization I wasn’t going to find a runner that fit the bill at a big box store; I started looking for something vintage, which I’ll admit I have no clue about whatsoever. So when Gretchen Rose, owner and curator of Kentucky Rose Designs, offered to source one for me, I was beyond stoked. And did she ever deliver! I mean, just look at this beauty! Within a very short amount of time, Gretchen found exactly what I was looking for and I couldn’t be happier! It just goes to show how making the smallest change can make such a huge impact.

So tell me, is your hallway empty or all decked out?

A huge thanks to Kentucky Rose Designs for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and ideas are my own.


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