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Well, WE DID IT! It's reveal day for the 2021 Spring One Room Challenge and we actually pulled it off. Let's go back and check out where we started again, shall we?

I took this photo of our garage on March 3rd. Honestly, when I went back through my pictures this evening and saw the date on it, I was in disbelief. Sure, I was there and all (working my butt off), but from THIS garage to the dreamy room you now see in just under four months? Crazy! Derek and I were talking about how this is our biggest project in the shortest amount of time thus far. It's also the first project we've done where we've had to use every skill we've learned since we remodeled our first home - and then some - to make it happen.

I couldn't be more thrilled, proud, relieved, and grateful right now. I'm excited to have this beautiful, cozy den for my family. I'm super proud of all that Derek and I accomplished in such a short period of time. Obviously, I'm rather relieved to have finished on time - and to be done with all that work! I'm also so grateful to Better Homes & Gardens for choosing me to be a featured designer; and to Linda Weinstein for organizing this incredible event and providing all of us with such a great opportunity. Alright, without further ado, let's get down to business!

First, let's talk about my rug. This babe is called Sadie and she's a Maman Rugs x britdotdesign collaboration. As in - you guessed it - I dreamed it up, sketched it out, and my friend Samira at Maman Rugs worked her magic and made it happen. I couldn't be more stoked with how it turned out - exactly how I imagined! Not only that, but you can buy one for yourself for a limited time right HERE!

Next up, this beautiful custom Duo Lamp made by Blueprint Lighting. I was torn between having it painted in one of their many color choices or going for brass, which felt safe. Ultimately, I surprised myself and went a totally different direction, choosing polished nickel to go with the black marble base. The combo gives it such a classic Art Deco vibe, don't you think?

Now let's focus on this gorgeous work of art by Candice Luter for a moment, shall we? I'll admit my mind was blown the first time I saw one of her pieces and I'm just thrilled to finally have one. The dip dye adds a little extra something to it that just takes it over the top for me. It also looks so nice with the color of the velvet on the Alexis chairs I was gifted from Kardiel.

Moving along! This Coco Chandelier I was gifted from Mitzi, one of my fabulous sponsors, is like the icing on the cake. The way it looks with the ceiling moulding I designed is just so perfect IMHO. It's almost like they're meant to go together. Believe it or not, I actually drew up the moulding before I found the light!

Above you can see the baseboard trim and window casing supplied by Novo Building Supplies, another of my sponsors. I mentioned the beautiful maple boards they sent me for our built-ins back in Week Four, but we only just finished installing the baseboards and window casings over the weekend. I just love the modern look they give the room. Adding curtains or not is still up in the air, but I'm leaning towards the windows not needing them, especially with the Tilt MySmartRollerShades I was gifted from Smarterhome. We have them throughout the rest of the house as well and they are such a game changer!

Then there's these oh so beautiful waterproof hardwood floors from Raintree. Honestly, these floors might make the biggest impact of anything we've done. Well, except maybe the fireplace, which is covered in terrazzo concrete tile gifted from Concrete Collaborative's Venice collection. You can really see the difference in quality between this beautiful wood flooring and the laminate we have throughout the rest of the house in the picture below. I'm beyond excited to be replacing it with Raintree hardwood very soon!

You can also see one of the beautiful limited addition framed prints I was gifted from Minted in this image too. This one is called Urban Desert Series 3 by Lisa Sundin. Doesn't it fit my desert deco them so well? I just love the colors in it.

One more thing before I go - this Gio Task Light designed by Ammunition for Gantri, another one of my sponsors. I'm actually using it right now for it's soft, warm glow as I type. I was immediately drawn to it because of its unique look and neutral color. It also has a dimmer switch, which is so nice at night. So is the fact that the light itself swivels all the way around on the base, so you can point it wherever you want!

Alright, it's 4 am and I'm deliriously tired. I think this is the point at which I'm gonna call this One Room Challenge a wrap! Not sure how I've managed to work through the night on this without uncontrollably dozing, but I'm gonna chalk it up to excitement! I can't wait to hear what you think of our Desert Deco Den and can't wait to see what the rest of the featured designers and all the other participants have come up with over the past eight weeks!

If you missed any of my previous ORC posts, you can find them all here:

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A humongous THANK YOU to all of my wonderful sponsors for this event!



Cecilia Stafford

Hi, That wall decoration is absolutely stunning! The colors and patterns are so eye-catching and really draw your attention. It's clear that a lot of thought and care went into choosing and placing each piece, and it adds such a wonderful sense of personality and character to the room. Great job!




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Elizabeth Hoye

Hi there!! So beautiful! I discovered you from a feature in a Kardiel magazine I got in the mail! Love your work! Would you mind sharing what the exact floor was from rainttee hardwood? I think I might have found it but I love how light and beautiful it looks in your space!

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