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  • Brit


It hasn’t been an incredibly productive week around here for the One Room Challenge, but we’ve gotten a few important things done. First of all, my husband removed the door leading into the laundry room as well as the surrounding wall. He also took up the first row of tile that had been just inside the doorway because it had been cut to fit. Since we’re planning to extend the subfloor and make the laundry slightly larger, we’ll need another row of tile and so we’ll have to first replace the old row with whole tiles and then cut the new row to fit up against the new wall.

Aside from that, we cleared out the space where the hallway and storage closet will be located so we could lay out the supports for the subfloor and figure out how we’re going to go about creating a cover for the crawl space opening that’s not noticeable in the storage closet. Can’t wait to get started and share the progress with you next week! Thanks for reading!


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