• britanyarnesen


This post sure has been a long time coming! Week Two of the One Room Challenge has arrived and I figured I’d finally share how we built our fluted dining table. As I mentioned last week, our home is open concept, so everything is getting a bit of a once-over to go along with the kitchen renovation. The dining area is more or less finished, minus some drywall work on the archways we installed that I’m saving for last. I also have to touch up the drywall on the ceiling around the chandelier. Although I really loved the medallion, it didn’t really go with the style of our home, so we removed it the other day. We put it up initially to give a little architectural detail and break up the huge expanse of white ceiling a bit. However, with the keyhole archway that divides the space now, it no longer seemed necessary.

Other things I still have to do: figure out what I’m doing for artwork where the credenza and mirror used to be; paint the planter I made for my Bird of Paradise; and lay out the new rug I just received from Winnoby the other day. Anyway, I’m super excited to finally share this DIY with you, but let me preface it by saying it’s not a quick and easy DIY by any means. There is some geometry and woodworking skill involved. If that doesn’t scare you off though, you can purchase* my plans HERE!

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And, as always, thanks to my sponsors for this event:  Hudson Valley LightingMitzi LightingFormicaSamsungTIPTOE, and Winnoby.

*Unfortunately, I can no longer offer my larger build plans for free. If this upsets you, you can thank the person who decided to take one of my ideas and try to capitalize on it. IMHO, the whole essence of DIY is making cool stuff and sharing it with others so they can recreate it for their own personal use. However, when someone comes along and tries to take advantage, it kind of ruins it for everyone. Dontcha think?